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WJTA-IMCA's live outdoor demonstrations are a popular and unique part of the Expo program. See some of the newest equipment, including automated hydroblasting equipment, advanced controls, vacuum trucks/hydro-excavators, high pressure pumps, and more from a variety of vendors demonstrated live.

Current List of Demonstrators

Blasters, Inc. Website
Ready Jet® remote controlled system safely removes dead, hardened concrete and is an ideal solution for both service providers and ready mix truck fleets who want not only a safe but proven method of cleaning residual concrete build up. The Ready Jet® is a safe, cost-effective and environmentally clean solution to cleaning concrete drums, without the need for your employees to enter the drums. Advantages include: safest and fastest cleaning method in the industry; minimizes liability and risk; reduces or eliminates drum damage; increase production, mix quality, and efficiency; remote control access to boom movement; technical training and support; and proven water blasting technology.

FS Solutions Website
FS Solutions through distribution partnership with Gerotto of Italy will be demonstrating the latest advancements in hands free equipment. The Gerotto Lombrico also has an assortment of attachments to customize the Lombrico to meet the application’s needs. The Lombrico removes the operator from tight locations and away from powerful systems to increase productivity and jobsite safety.

Hammelmann Corp. Website
Hammelmann will demonstrate some of the most recent state-of-the-art water blasting systems, controls and accessories available on the market today.

ID Tec USA Website
The precision jet cutting system uses a transporter, equipped with a pan and tilt nozzle. The operator has a continuous view of the operation and can aim the water blast directly at the problem while adjusting the water pressure to changing conditions. The ID Tec system uses low volume and high pressure with pin point aim to remove deposits without damage to the pipe.

Jetech Inc. Website

Jetstream of Houston/Guzzler Manufacturing Website
Jetstream of Houston’s X-Series waterblast unit will be used to demonstrate several specialized tools, including a NEW Jetstream pipe tool, plus the new Peinemann TLX XX. Built to outperform and outlast any other unit of its kind, the X-Series unit is trusted to handle the toughest cleaning jobs in the most challenging operating environments. Like all Jetstream waterblast systems, the X-Series is built around the UNx Pump: the most efficient, easy-to-use, and versatile waterblast pump available. The Peinemann TLX XX is a light-weight, compact hose feeding device that attaches directly to a pipe flange utilizing rubber blast hoses from 3/8” to ¾”. Come watch how these powerful tools can assist to provide better efficiency in your daily jobs and applications.

Keith Huber Corp. Website
Huber will demo and is proud to introduce the AM36 (Air Mover, 3600 gallon) capable of 5300 CFM and designed to excel at a variety of operations. The AM36 encompasses the continued quality combined with the simplicity Huber has been known for over the last 30 years. The combination of deep vacuum loading, patented 9 stage cyclone and high air conveyance make the AM36 ideal for a variety of different jobs. The AM36 platform simply works.

NLB Corp. Website
NLB continues the focus on its newest technology – the E-Clutch™ dry shut off system – and the expansion of that technology with the Esync ™ line of accessory tools. Remote operation via wireless control of hand lances, foot boxes and other semi-automated equipment will be on display.

PSI Pressure Systems Corp. Website
Come see why 100’s of contractors are switching to PSI Pressure Systems’ NX-Series high-pressure water blasting pumps. Leading the industry in safety, maintenance, flexibility, performance, cast of operation, and reliability, PSI’s patented conversion system makes PSI’s pumps the only pumps in the world capable of operating throughout its pressure range of 4,000 psi to 40,000 psi (275 bar and 2,800 bar) without changing or removing the discharge manifold, accessory manifold, rupture disc assemblies, or pressure gauges.

Reliable Pumps Consultants, Inc. Website

StoneAge, Inc. Website
StoneAge will be demonstrating a selection of our newest waterblasting tools and automated equipment, showcasing complete systems for pipe cleaning, tube cleaning, and surface preparation.

Terydon, Inc. Website
Terydon Inc. will be demonstrating the optimum cleaning experience in Fully Automated Tube Bundle Cleaning: "Multiple Machine Monitoring". In this demonstration, Terydon will clean two different tube bundles with two different Peinemann Flex Lance units by using Fully Automated Tube Bundle Cleaning with the click of a button. Both separate cleaning operations will be monitored by a single operator off of a touch-screen tablet, effectively doubling the work potential of each operator."

Waterblasting Technologies Website
Waterblasting Technologies is introducing the Ground Hog HT1000SR, a self-rotating 40,000 psi floor cleaner with speed control. This walk-behind water blasting tool does not require any hydraulic or electrical power and uses water to rotate the 14” spray bar. It also features vacuum recovery making it easy to see your work, maximizing productivity and minimizing negative impact to the surface. The Ground Hog will be connected to a Waterblasting Technologies’ Power Hog, a 40,000 psi pump with a vacuum conveyor system which allows for immediate recovery of debris and continuous offloading into a container of your choosing.

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