Technical Conference

The 2017 Conference & Expo includes innovative, cutting edge research, as well as practical case studies for the contractor and end user. A preliminary list of approved abstracts appears below:

  • Advancements of the Manufacturing Technology with High-pressure Liquid CO2 Jets - Patrick John
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Composite Materials Drilling with Abrasive Water Jet - Meltem Altin
  • Case Study on Possible Productivity Improvements of Waterjet Turning Operations - Constantin Männel
  • The Combination of Pressure and Flow Rate in the Expression of Relative Waterjet Impact - Doug Wright
  • Daily Safety Commercials for the New Employee - Sean Benoit
  • Design and Operation of High Flow Waterblast Tools and Systems - Doug Wright
  • Dynamics of the Cavitation Cloud in Submerged Waterjet and its Relation with Jet Erosion Intensity - Chi Peng
  • Environmentally Responsible Surface Preparation with Dry Ice - David Watson
  • Experiment About the Method to Double the Extension Ability of the Radial Jet Drilling Technology by Narrow Annulus Flow - Jingbin Li
  • Experiment and SEM Analysis on Rock Breaking Mechanism by Swirling-Round SC-CO2 Jet - Tian Shouceng
  • Experimental Investigation on Abrasive Supercritical CO2 Jet Perforation - Haizhu Wang
  • An Experimental Study on Correlations Between Cavitation Erosion Resistance and Mechanical Properties for Stainless Steel - Kewen Peng
  • Full Automatization of Waterjet Cutting - Michael Bauer
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning with Pressurized Liquid Nitrogen - Christopher Van Name
  • Industrial Collaboration Improves Hydroblasting Training & Safety - Brandon Smith
  • Influence of AWJM Time on the Quality of Hole Making of Aluminum 5083 - Lenin Raj Sndrajan
  • Introduction and Analysis of the Ultrahigh Pressure Water Jet Cutting Multifunctional Application - Xue Shengxiong
  • An Investigation of Abrasive Water Jet Machining on Polyethylene by L9 Orthogonal Array - Fuat Kartal
  • Kerf Tapers in Abrasive Waterjet Machining of ST 52 Steels - Fuat Kartal
  • Les-Vof Simulations of a Pure Water Jet Developing Inside an AWJC Nozzle: Preliminary Observations and Guidelines - Gabriele Pozzetti
  • Multiphase flow in Novel Hydrothermal Jet Drilling: Modeling with Control Volume Finite Element and Adaptive Anisotropic Mesh - Zehao Lyu
  • A Novel Nozzle to Trigger Cavitation Under High Ambient Pressure Environment - Kewen Peng
  • Numerical Analysis of the Downhole Flow Field with Compressible Fluid in Hydrothermal Jet Drilling - Zehao Lyu
  • Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study on Two-phase Flow in Small Annulus of Near-Bit Partial Underbalanced Drilling - Huaizhong Shi
  • Quantitative Evaluation of Cavitation Impact in a Water Jet with an Inverse Analysis Method - Kewen Peng
  • Research on Preparation of Cutting Tool Edge of Using Abrasive Water Jet - Yuyong Lei
  • What's in the Water - Peter Engelbert
  • You Can’t Train Stupid – Systems Approach to Safety - Sean Benoit



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