2017 Exhibitor List

This list is provided for the information of Conference/Expo registrants and prospective attendees. Using this list for solicitation purposes is strictly prohibited.

24 Hr Safety
     Website: www.24hr-safety.com

Advanced Pressure Systems
     Website: www.advancedpressuresystems.com

AFP Industries
     Website: www.afpind.com

Apex Waterjetting Technologies, Inc.
     Website: www.apexwaterjetting.com

     Website: www.aqua-dyne.com

BIC Alliance (Platinum Sponsor)
     Website: www.bicalliance.com

Blasters, Inc
     Website: www.blasters.net

Cat Pumps
     Website: www.catpumps.com

CESCO/Aqua Miser
     Website: www.aquamiser.com

Cleaner Times/IWA
     Website: www.cleanertimes.com

Comet USA
     Website: www.cometpump.com

Conco Services Corporation
     Website: www.conco.net

Critical 2-Way Communications LLC
     Website: www.critical2way.com

CRP Industrial
     Website: www.crpindustrial.com

DNP Americas
     Website: www.dnpamericas.com

     Website: www.dynablast.ca

Dynaset Oy
     Website: www.dynaset.com

Easy Kleen Pressure Systems, Ltd.
     Website: www.easykleen.com

Environmental Rental Services
     Website: www.ersvacrent.com

ENZ USA Inc. (Bronze Sponsor)
     Website: www.enzusainc.com

Fruitland Manufacturing
     Website: fruitlandmanufacturing.com

FS Solutions
     Website: www.fssolutionsgroup.com

GapVax Inc
     Website: www.gapvax.com

Gardner Denver Water Jetting (Bronze Sponsor)
     Website: www.waterjetting.com

General Pump
     Website: www.generalpump.com

GHX Industrial, LLC
     Website: www.ghxinc.com

Giant Industries
     Website: www.giantpumps.com

Global Vacuum Systems
     Website: www.globalvacuumsystems.com

Glove Guard LP
     Website: www.gloveguard.com

Graco High Pressure Equipment, Inc. (Silver Sponsor)
     Website: www.highpressure.com

Guzzler Manufacturing
     Website: www.guzzler.com

Hammelmann Corporation (Silver Sponsor)
     Website: www.hammelmann.com

Heintzmann Corp.
     Website: www.heintzmann.com

Hi-Vac Corporation
     Website: www.hi-vac.com

Houston Area Safety Council
     Website: www.hasc.com

     Website: www.hufco.com

Hughes Pumps LTD
     Website: www.hughes-pumps.co.uk

Hydra-Flex, Inc.
     Website: hydraflexinc.com

HydroChemPSC(Platinum Sponsor)
     Websites: www.hydrochem.com | www.pscnow.com

     Website: www.idtecusa.com

Idrojet S.R.L.
     Website: www.idrojet.com

Jack Doheny Companies, Inc.
     Website: www.dohenycompanies.com

Jetech Inc.
     Website: www.jetech.com

Jetstream of Houston LP (Silver Sponsor)
     Website: www.waterblast.com

JGB Enterprises, Inc.
     Website: www.jgbhose.com

JPCL/PaintSquare (Silver Sponsor)
     Website: www.paintsquare.com/jpcl

Keith Huber Corporation
     Website: www.keithhuber.com

LaPlace Equipment Co.
     Website: www.h2oblast.com

Ledwell & Son
     Website: www.ledwell.com

Logan Clutch Corporation
     Website: www.loganclutch.com

Matrix Service
     Website: www.matrixservice.com

National Vacuum Equipment
     Website: www.natvac.com

Newson Gale
     Website: www.newson-gale.com

NLB Corporation (Silver Sponsor)
     Website: www.nlbcorp.com

Northern Safety & Industrial (Platinum Sponsor)
     Website: www.northernsafety.com

Nozzle Dynamics
     Website: www.nozzledyne.com

Parker Hannifin - Parflex (Bronze Sponsor)
     Website: www.parker.com/hptoughjacket

Peinemann Equipment B.V.
     Website: www.peinemannequipment.com

Piranha Hose Products
     Website: www.piranhahose.com

Presvac Systems Ltd.
     Website: www.presvac.com

PSI Pressure Systems Corp
     Website: www.psipressuresystems.com

PTC Waterblasting Systems
     Website: www.ptcwaterblasting.com

Rain for Rent
     Website: www.rainforrent.com

Reliable Pumps Consultants
     Website: www.reliablepumps.com

RYCO Hydraulics
      Website: www.ryco.com.au

Safety Lamp of Houston
      Website: www.safetylampofhouston.com

Spartan Tool
      Website: www.spartantool.com

SPIR STAR (Silver Sponsor)
      Website: www.spirstar.com

Stewart R. Browne Manufacturing Co., Inc.
     Website: www.srbrowne.com

StoneAge, Inc. (Platinum Sponsor)
     Website: stoneagetools.com

Swiss Orifice USA
     Website: www.swissorifice.ch

Terydon, Inc.
     Website: www.terydon.com

Tianjin Haisheng Pump Making Co., Ltd.
     Website: www.tjhaisheng.com

The Blast Bag Company, Inc.
     Website: www.theblastbag.com

Trans Lease
     Website: www.transleaseinc.com

TST Sweden (Silver Sponsor)
     Website: www.tst-sweden.com

TurtleSkin WaterArmor by Warwick Mills
     Website: www.turtleskin.com

Under Pressure Systems, LLC
     Website: www.underpressuresystems.com

USA DeBusk (Platinum Sponsor)
     Website: www.debusksg.com

Vacall / Gradall Industries, Inc
     Website: www.vacall.com

Vac-Con, Inc.
     Website: www.vac-con.com

Vactor Manufacturing
     Website: www.vactor.com

Vac-Tron Equipment
     Website: www.vactron.com

Vacuum Truck Rentals, LLC (Gold Sponsor)
     Website: vactruckrental.com

Veolia North America (Gold Sponsor)
     Website: www.veolianorthamerica.com

Waterblasting Technologies
     Website: www.waterblastingtechnologies.com

Westech Vac Systems
     Website: www.westechvac.com

Wilco Supply
     Website: http://www.wilcosupplyinc.com/

2017 Sponsors





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